Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Political Forecast | Polical Outcast

(Many Faces With Many Characters)


Wednesday 17 April 2013, 11.37 am
(penting sukar ditanding dan genting sukar dirunding)

Political forecast: Tiba-tiba cuaca sukar diramal. Ada yang bersorak sorai (political candidates) dan ada yang lemah terkulai (political outcasts). Political candidates sudah diumumkan. Segala ramalan dan segala andaian sudah terjawab. Pastinya, yang penting sukar ditanding tetapi yang genting sukar dirunding.  Apapun, yang baru atau yang lama just fill in the blanks. By law or by right, the answers are our decisions.

Well, to make the story interesting, right now all the leaders are wearing their own political masks. They have many faces and many characters. So jangan terkejut, kalau they are too soft to talk and too polite to ask. Terlalu lembut, hinggakan pijak semut pun  tak mati! Anyway, make sure you are not easily deceived by their actings. Selamat mengundi.

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