Tuesday 23 September 2014

If You Expose Your Secret You Will Lose Your Freedom | If You Expose Your Regret You Will Lose Your Wisdom

(Kesal Akal.
Setia Rahsia)


Biarkan mimpi-mimpi ini hanyut
ke muara rindu.
(menghitung rindu)

Sun 17/8/2014
9.14 post meridien

Baby Ameera
(our little Wonder)

If you expose
your secret
you will lose
your freedom

and if you expose
your regret
you will lose
your wisdom

Terlalu setia
hilang rahsia
dan terlalu kesal
hilang akal

The Marine Park
of Pulau Redang with a colourful
array of spectacular marine life.
(menggantung mimpi)


Pulau Redang
It is one of nine islands,
which form a marine park, and which offer
snorkeling and diving opportunities.

Arambayu 183
Teratak Seriteratai 

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