Thursday, 6 November 2014

Nothing Is Precious Until You Use It | Nothing Is Vicious Until You Abuse It

(Bernilai Dipakai.
Berharga Diguna)

Lalu mengutip memori untuk
menghilangkan rasa rindu.

(mencetus rindu)

Sun 20/4/2014
6.45 post meridien

Baby Arissa
(our little Secret)


is precious
until you 
use it

and nothing
is vicious
until you
abuse it

selagi dipakai
dan berharga
selagi diguna

The Marine Park
of Pulau Redang with a colourful
array of spectacular marine life.

(mengutus  mimpi)



Pulau Redang
It is one of nine islands,
which form a marine park, and which offer
snorkeling and diving opportunities.

Aram 488
Teratak Seriteratai 

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