Wednesday, 3 June 2015

218W : To Earn The Past You Must Learn From The Last | To Earn The Future You Must Learn From The Nature

(Bermula Usaha.
Berakhir Takdir)

Rindu semakin terapungapung di
lautan mimpi.

(takdir rindu) 

Sat 20/12/2014
10.37 ante meridien

Baby Ameera

(our little Wonder)

To earn
the past
you must learn
from the last

and to earn
the future
you must learn
from the nature

dengan usaha
dan berakhir
dengan takdir 

Mardi's Agrotechnology Park 
is home to 40 varieties of roses, 
10 strawberries, 100 citrus fruits,
at least six types of anthuriums,
four varieties of apples, and
pears and persimmons.

(taksir mimpi)  


The Cameron Highlands
is one of Malaysia’s most extensive 
hill stations. The size of Singapore,
it occupies an area of 712 square kilometres
(275 sq mi). To the north, its boundary 
touches that of Kelantan; to the west, it 
shares part of its border with Perak.

Mardi's Agrotechnology Park 
The Park is actually MARDI's
oldest research station in the
country and since Cameron
Highland is a popular tourist
destination, MARDI has followed
through on the idea to turn it into
an Agrotechnology Park.

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