Thursday, 23 October 2014

Opportunity Will Not Speak | Calamity Will Not Sneak



Biarkan mimpi menyulam bait-bait rindu
di lipatan memory.

(mengikat rindu) 

Mon 8/9/2014
10.15 ante meridien

Baby Ameera
(our little Wonder)


will not speak

and calamity
will not sneak

but sometimes
opportunity comes
when you are
in calamity.

tak mengundang
dan malang
tak berulang

The Marine Park
of Pulau Redang with a colourful
array of spectacular marine life.

(menambat mimpi)



Pulau Redang
It is one of nine islands,
which form a marine park, and which offer
snorkeling and diving opportunities.

Arambayu 188
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