Tuesday, 4 July 2017

221W : Do Not Lose Your Ears In The Fears | Do Not Lose Your Eyes In The Lies

 3 Tahun 2 Bulan

Poem 01
Baby Ameera
26 Jun 2013
(A second baby was born)

1 Hari

It is really a wonder
and a moment to remember.
The cry that breaks the silence
and the tears 
that honour your presence.

Poem 221
Sun 28/12/2014
11.27 ante meridien

4 Bulan 3 Hari

3 Bulan 15 Hari

Baby Ameera
(our little Wonder)

Do not lose
your ears in the fears
and do not lose
your eyes in the lies.
Let the ears
expose the lies
and let the fears
lose in the eyes.

Jangan terlelong
kalau ditolong
dan jangan tergadai
kalau dibelai

Taman Seri Teratai
Teratak Seri Teratai
Pulau Bahagia  

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