Friday, 14 November 2014

The Knowledge Makes The Appearance | The Privilege Makes The Difference

(Tampil Serupa.
Terampil Berbeza)

Mengharum rindu di laman

(berbekal rindu)

Thu 24/4/2014
5.13 post meridien

Baby Arissa
(our little Secret)


The knowledge
makes the appearance

but the privilege
makes the difference
Yet the knowledge
gives you the privilege
and the appearance
gives you 
the difference.


biar serupa 
tetapi keterampilan
biar berbeza

The Marine Park
of Pulau Redang with a colourful
array of spectacular marine life.

(bermodal mimpi)


Pulau Redang
It is one of nine islands,
which form a marine park, and which offer
snorkeling and diving opportunities.

Aram 489
Teratak Seriteratai 

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