Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Young Man Is Losing Scope | The Old Man Is Losing Hope

(Hilang Tujuan.
Hilang Panduan)



Tiba-tiba perpisahan ini
menjadikan rindu kian memedihkan.

(berjauhan rindu)

Sat 5/4/2014
6.38 post meridien 

Baby Arissa
(our little Secret)

the world
is getting old,
the young man
is losing

and the old man
is losing


Yang muda
hilang panduan
dan yang tua
hilang tujuan


The Marine Park
of Pulau Redang with a colourful
array of spectacular marine life.

(bersentuhan mimpi)


Pulau Redang
It is one of nine islands,
which form a marine park, and which offer
snorkeling and diving opportunities.


Aram 483
Teratak Seriteratai

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